Josh Champ and Ashley Beckham’s Wedding


This love story began approximately 8 years ago when Josh and Ashley started dating. Josh proposed to Ashley at his birthday party a year ago last May. Friends and family were invited to the celebration. The last present that Josh opened was from Ashley’s dad. When he opened the present, he said, “Awesome! Just what I have always wanted.” With tears starting to well up in his eyes, he walked towards Ashley and got down on one knee, looked Ashley in the eye, and said, “You.” Then Josh asked for Ashley’s hand in marriage, and “by the grace of God, she said Yes!!!” It was such a sweet surprise and so many kept it a secret. Ashley described that day as “one of the best days in her life!” Josh said, “I got the best birthday present that I could ever ask for!”

As we helped a beautiful Bride and her family decorate for her wedding reception, it was amazing to see the Bride’s vision come together into a magical setting.

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Rustic Acres Reception Decorating

Josh and Ashley were married in Manning Chapel at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor where they both attended college. A special touch in their wedding ceremony was a Unity Cross. The Unity Cross is a unique way to celebrate the joining of a Bride and Groom together as one in marriage. The outer cross represents strength, leadership, and protection of the man. The intricate detail of the inner cross represents the beauty and many capabilities of the woman. The Bride’s inner cross is placed inside the protection of the Groom’s outer cross and symbolizes the two becoming one. Three pins hold the sculpture together and represents the Trinity for the security and completeness that only our Heavenly Father can provide.

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ UMHB Manning Chapel Unity Cross Ceremony

Champ Wedding UMHB Manning Chapel

The Couple’s reception was held at Rustic Acres Event Center. Rustic Acres is a 5,500 square foot building that can easily accommodate over 300 seated guests, and the facility is nestled on over 22 peaceful acres.

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Rustic Acres Event Center

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Rustic Acres Roadrunner
A roadrunner came to the Champ’s reception.

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Rustic Acres Bride Groom

Candice decorated the chalkboard wall for the Champ wedding reception, and it made a cute backdrop for a photo booth to capture the smiles of their guests.

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Rustic Acres Chalkboard Wall

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Rustic Acres Chalkboard Wall

The colors for the wedding and reception consisted of navy and coral. The Bridesmaids’ dresses were navy, and the bouquets and floral centerpieces on the reception tables were comprised of coral Gerber daisies.

Weddings by Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Wedding Cake

During the toasts, the Best Man said, “Marriage is like fine wine, it gets better with age. Cheers to the years!” The Matron of Honor included a beautiful quote … “Love isn’t always perfect. It isn’t a fairy tale or a storybook, and it doesn’t always come easy. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossible to live without. Love is work, but most of all, Love is realizing that every hour, every minute, and every second was worth it because you did it together.”

El Chico catered the reception. The professional photographer was a longtime friend. Creative Innovations was the florist for the Bridal bouquet, and she also added an extra floral touch to the wedding cake which was decorated by Tracylyn with Simply Sweet. Ashley and Josh have been childhood friends with Tracylyn’s kids. The Mother of the Bride’s friend, Pam, had the honor of cutting the wedding cake; they had attended high school together and have remained friends as Ashley was growing up.

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Rustic Acres Reception Cake Cutting

The wedding dance represents the first steps the Bride and Groom take together set to music. The Couple danced their first dance to Promise to Love Her by Blane Howard.

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Rustic Acres Bride Groom First Dance
This is a look of a man in love! ❤

A very special moment for us during the evening was during the Mother-Son dance. The sweet Bride came up to us and thanked us for all of our help. That simple gesture was a treasure!

Josh and Ashley incorporated an Anniversary Dance into the celebration. The couple that had been married the longest was 56 years. That is quite an accomplishment and wonderful role models for a happy marriage. This couple was Josh’s grandparents, Jim and Sandy Champ.

The Bride and Groom included some sweet touches to the celebration such as up-lighting with their names displayed on the wall, and the couple also served Kettle-corn and Movie Popcorn as one of the appetizers with cute sacks that said, “Thanks for Poppin’ in on our big day!”

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Reception Appetizer Popcorn

For their final farewell, the guests were blowing bubbles of wedding wishes for the new Mr. and Mrs.

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Rustic Acres Final Farewell Bubbles

After the wedding, the couple traveled to the Bahamas for their honeymoon and stayed at Sandals Royal Bahamian Hotel.  This beautiful resort offers refined European sophistication, private cabanas, personal butler service, and romantic ambiance surrounded by tropical flora and crystal blue water. ⚓️

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Honeymoon Bahamas Sandals Hotel

Josh and Ashley also went to Atlantis which is a portal to a truly Bahamian experience that features the world’s largest open-air marine habitat, a 141-acre waterscape, and magnificent beaches.

Champ Wedding Honeymoon Bahamas Atlantis

Even though it rained a little each day, the Couple saw a gorgeous rainbow and had many wonderful adventures such as snorkeling with the sea turtles and swimming with the dolphins.

Champ Wedding Honeymoon Bahamas Sandals Rainbow

Champ Wedding Honeymoon Bahamas Atlantis Swimming with the Dolphins

We are so happy for the sweet Couple. We wish them much love, laughter, and happily ever after! Cheers to the years!! ?

Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Rustic Acres Chalkboard Wall behind Bar

Weddings by Tirzah Central Texas Wedding Josh and Ashley Champ Rustic Acres

Fast forward 3 Years … We love being able to keep up with Couple’s that we have served as their Love Story continues to see what happens in the next chapters of their lives. Not only is this Couple celebrating their 3rd Wedding Anniversary, they are expecting a little bundle of joy.

Weddings by Tirzah - Josh and Ashley Champ - Three Year Anniversary - Then and Now

Weddings by Tirzah ღ

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Tirzah is a Historical Venue that existed in the late 1860’s and has the honor of being listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. This grand structure features crystal chandeliers, spacious ceilings, original hardwood floors, an exterior courtyard with party lights, and an outdoor rustic landscaped area. We are conveniently located in the heart of Central Texas in downtown Belton’s Historical District. Step back in time and see a glimpse of the past in this vintage venue that is ideal for those looking for a unique, nostalgic, and intimate setting for a special celebration.

Tirzah offers expertise in the Romance Travel Industry. We design romantic escapes, memorable proposals, honeymoons, anniversary trips, vow renewals, and destination weddings.

Our wedding planning services include destination weddings as well as traditional weddings in the Central Texas area.  We strive to offer a personalized experience to couples by transforming dreams into Cherished Memories!

Tirzah Diana Rose

Diana has fun playing with her grandson, loves to travel, enjoys going on nature walks, and collects quotes.

Tirzah Candice Rose

Candice is the mother of the cutest little boy! She enjoys trying new recipes and playing volleyball. She brings creativity to life.


Texas-size Family Fun in the Belton Historical District


Belton, Texas, Parks and Recreation hosted a Free Tubing and Movie in the Park event on Saturday, June 10, 2017, behind The Gin.

Floating on Nolan Creek was a fun way to beat the heat of the afternoon. All of the children were having a blast, but I had just as much fun as the kids riding the small rapids. People typically bring their own tubes at this event, but tubes were available for people to use.

Tirzah Travels - Belton Texas - Tubing on Nolan Creek - Family Fun

Tirzah Travels - Belton Texas - Taylor Tubing

We enjoyed a live music performance on the banks of Nolan Creek by a band known as Touch Of Class. As they performed on the Main Stage, they played great dance hits from the 1950’s to today as the crowd was dancing to the awesome tunes. For more information on the band and their schedule, see

Tirzah Travels - Belton Texas - Band Touch of Class

After tubing, we walked to Scores Sports Bar on S. East Street to get some pizza to eat while we were waiting for the movie to start when the sun went down.

Tirzah Travels - Belton Texas - Scores Sports Bar

The movie, Sing, was played on the big screen. The story-line was about a dapper Koala named Buster Moon that presides over a once-grand theater that has fallen on hard times. He took one final chance to restore his fading jewel to its former glory by producing the world’s greatest singing competition. Set in a world like ours but entirely inhabited by animals, there were five contestants that emerged … a mouse, a timid elephant, a pig, a gorilla and a punk-rock porcupine.

Tirzah Travels - Belton Texas - Movies Under the Stars - Sing

The community event was successful in achieving many measures such as making fun affordable for everyone with the various social activities in the Downtown Belton Historical District; people were enjoying the beauty of nature and getting some exercise while having fun; connecting with others in the community helps to form lasting friendships; and the fun family-time creates wonderful memories that last a lifetime.  All of these quality metrics strengthen the community for a wonderful place to live.

Tirzah Travels - Belton Texas - Movies Under the Stars - Family Fun

The picturesque setting, tubing on the creek, dancing in the park, pizza, laughter, and movies under the stars made the perfect combination for building memories! ?


Photography:  Sing - Belton Parks & Recreation

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Our First Wedding at Tirzah – Jake Roehl and Whitney Joeckel’s Wedding


Jake Roehl and Whitney Joeckel are the very first couple to celebrate their dream day, their wedding, in this beautiful historic building, Tirzah!

Jake and Whitney’s wedding was a very meaningful and intimate occasion. Having a small wedding let them incorporate special moments that would be difficult to include in a large wedding. For instance, as their guests entered, each one found a card on a prayer board with a prayer inside that was written just for them.

Tirzah Real Wedding Jake and Whitney Prayer Board

They even wrote a prayer for me and Cory that we treasure.

Tirzah Real Wedding Jake and Whitney Prayer Board Diana Cory

For the couple’s Guest Book, the guests signed a large wooden letter R with messages of love.

The couple chose not to have a first look prior to the wedding.  Jake arrived first at the venue, and he went into a separate area so that Whitney could go upstairs for the final touches of getting dressed for their wedding.

As the Bride was alone with her father before they walked down the aisle, they said a beautiful prayer together. They walked in to the song called, “Oceans … When oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace. For I am Yours, and You are mine!”

Jake sees Whitney for the first time in her wedding dress as she is walking down the aisle.  This is a look of a man in love!

Jake Whitney Wedding First Look

Both the Bride and Groom wrote their own vows to each other. At the beginning, the Bride seemed a little nervous, but as the Groom was saying his vows to her, you could see her nervousness fade away and be replaced with a radiant smile.

Tirzah Real Wedding Jake and Whitney Wedding Ceremony

Two signature stand-out moments in this intimate ceremony included a Blessing of the Rings and a Feet Washing Ceremony. Their wedding rings were passed around the room on a beautiful small dish that read, “Amore.”  Each guest prayed a blessing over the rings, and then they passed the rings to the next guest.

Tirzah Real Wedding Blessing of the Rings Amore

Jake Whitney Wedding Ring Exchange

In the Feet Washing Ceremony, Whitney washed Jake’s feet. The beautiful symbolism of the act depicted their love and commitment; it demonstrated a humility of the heart, a sign of being humble, thoughtful, and willing to serve just as Jesus encouraged us to follow in his example.  In John 13:1-17, Jesus washed the disciples feet and instructed that we should do the same.

Tirzah Real Wedding Washing of the Feet Ceremony

Jake Whitney Wedding Feet Washing

Another personal touch was that they had a display to meet the “Maids and Men.” Each had four attendants, and then Jake also had a Best Girl, his daughter Paige. Letters were written about each of the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen with a story introducing each one.  The letter mentioned how they met and why it was important for them to stand by the Bride and Groom on their wedding day, and then some trivia that the guests might ask them to start a conversation.  It was a very nice way for the guests to learn about the wedding party.

Tirzah Real Wedding Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

After the ceremony, the newlyweds took pictures in the courtyard with the rustic rock wall as a backdrop.  The photographers for the event were Jade and Kyle Pierce.

Tirzah Real Wedding Jake and Whitney Rustic Rock Wall Backdrop Couple Photo
Tirzah Real Wedding Jake and Whitney Rustic Rock Wall Backdrop Family Photo
First Family Photo
Tirzah Real Wedding Jake and Whitney Rustic Rock Wall Backdrop Group Photo
Wedding Celebration with their closest Friends and Family

Since Jake proposed to Whitney on the beach, the reception design incorporated candle-lit lanterns with greenery and seashells. The colors of the wedding were navy with a hint of blush.

Tirzah Real Wedding Reception Tablescape

The florist for the event was Revyn Marburger with Ivory Bell Floral and Boutique. She provided the floral arrangements as well as the lanterns.

Jake and Whitney had a Sweetheart table at the head of the Grand Room.

Tirzah Real Wedding Jake and Whitney

The Bride and Groom chose to have a dessert table with brownies that the Groom’s daughter had made and a small white cake; however, for their cutting of the cake, they cut the cutest cupcake with a little red heart on the top.

Tirzah Real Wedding Cupcake

Tirzah Real Wedding Jake and Whitney Cutting the Cupcake

After toasts and eating a delicious Bar-B-Que meal from Miller’s Smokehouse, they danced the night away under the stars. The first song that the couple danced to was “Who I Am With You” by Chris Young.

Tirzah Real Wedding Jake and Whitney First Dance

When it was time for the Bouquet and Garter Toss, Jake’s daughter Paige caught the bouquet.

Tirzah Real Wedding Jake and Whitney Bouquet and Garter Toss

The couple said their goodbyes and had their final farewell. They laughingly entered the Grand Room, and they stopped to tell me bye and described their day as “magical!” ❤

For their getaway, they left in Jake’s jeep, and Jake lifted Whitney up to help her inside. They honeymooned in San Antonio, the City of Romance, and stayed at Hotel Emma on the Riverwalk at Pearl. Hotel Emma is a historical hotel that was once a 19th century Brewhouse.  The hotel was named in honor of Emma Koehler, who ran the brewery during Prohibition after her husband died.  This riverfront hotel has a genuine cultural flavor filled with a warm social experience.

Tirzah Honeymoon Hotel Emma San Antonio Texas Riverwalk

Tirzah Honeymoon San Antonio Hotel Emma Texas

Filled with faith and full of love, they each married “God’s Best” for each other.  It was a beautiful, heartfelt day full of personal touches!! ?

Groom Jake Bride Whitney Wedding Planner Diana Weddings by Tirzah

Weddings by Tirzah ღ

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Venue - Tirzah
Photography - Jade and Kyle Photography
Florist - Revyn Marburger with Ivory Bell Floral
Caterer - Miller's Smokehouse
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