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According to YouGov, 26% of Americans plan to make resolutions in 2019. Exercising more is the most popular New Year’s resolution with eating healthier coming in second.

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Other resolutions appearing in the survey statistics include save money, lose weight, reduce stress, stick to a budget, get more sleep, spend more time with family, learn a new skill, travel more, etc.

As an alternative to a New Year’s resolution, try monthly micro-resolutions instead. Every month, attempt a different resolution.

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Maybe one month, the resolution could be to visit four museums in your city or county and learn some amazing things in the process. Maybe next month, write a long, heartfelt, handwritten note to someone special such as your grandmother. ?

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Other ideas or goals might include taking a romantic adventure, eating a salad daily, reading a book, hosting a party for a special celebration, volunteering for a cause that you are passionate about, etc.

Success or failure is not the objective because you will learn something either way. Every day is an opportunity to try again!

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