Placencia, Belize


Placencia is a peninsula known for its palm-lined beaches on the Caribbean coast of southern Belize.

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The Spaniards that traveled the southern coast of Belize in the 1800’s gave Placencia its name. It was once named Punta Placencia in Spanish or Point Pleasant in English.

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Beachfront reggae bars, colorful guesthouses, and a spacious expanse of beach attract tourists to this gorgeous emerald peninsula which was once a sleepy fishing village.

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The road to Placencia Village is bordered by the tranquil lagoon to the West and the turquoise Caribbean on the East, and the village sits at the very tip of the narrow peninsula.

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Placencia Belize Tirzah Travel

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Inland adventures offer an unparalleled opportunity to see the wild beauty of the Belizean Rainforest, ancient Mayan Ruins, rich culture and more.

Enjoy a tour to the nearby Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to the first jaguar reserve in the world, cascading waterfalls to swim in, panoramic mountain views, nature trails, and a variety of tropical birds.  One of Belize’s highest points, Victoria Peak, is found at Cockscomb Basin.

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This charmimg seaside village offers the best gateway for scuba diving and snorkeling where the aquatic life and the topography varies in the different dive sites.

The great Blue Hole is one of Belize’s best-known dive sites.  It was made famous by Jacques Cousteau and a UNESCO protected site.  The ancient sinkhole was created after an underground cavern and cave system collapsed.  It is almost 1,000 feet across and over 400 feet deep.

Placencia Belize Blue Hole Diving and Snorkeling

During April, May, and June, giant whale sharks emerge in the pristine waters of Gladden Spit Marine Reserve.

Placencia Belize Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve Tirzah Travel

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Experience an underwater world populated by a rich diversity of species at the coral Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world. Placencia, Belize, is a beautiful destination for romance and a diver and snorkeler’s dream! 💕


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Photography:  Peninsula - Curtiss and Melinda Pruett, Blue Hole - Danielle Burruss, Gladden Spit - Katherine, Victoria Peak - Hunter Deerman, Cockscomb Basin Waterfall - Venessa Huynh 

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