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? Belton Rocks spreads a little sparkle in an ordinary day!

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Something as simple as a rock is spreading smiles. People all across Belton are having fun, getting outside, enjoying time with family and friends, and spreading a little joy. Rocks are being painted and hidden around the Belton area to brighten people’s day. It is bringing our community together in such a fun unique way.

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It is all about family and community unity. Many are involved as individuals, families, and businesses.

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This community craze began when the Bostick family was on a trip in Washington when Chance found a painted rock while on a hike with his family with “Keep or Re-hide Me” written on the back. The family brought the painted rock tradition home to Belton, Texas.

Tirzah Belton Rocks Inspiration Motivation Pray

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Rocks are often hidden around the Historic District, Yettie Polk Park, Chisholm Trail Park, the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor, local businesses, and many other surrounding locations.

Tirzah Belton Rocks The Gin

Tirzah Belton Rocks Community Unity Business Involvement Flamingo Groove

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The process is simple: Find, Paint, Hide! Once you find a decorated rock, you are encouraged to paint a new one and hide it, and then drop a hint on the Facebook group page as to where they are hidden. A clue such as “you can find this one hiding where you would have a great spot to view the parade” along with a photo.

Tirzah Belton Rocks Bell County Courthouse Parade

Tirzah Belton Rocks Walrus Little Caesars
Pizza Pizza
Tirzah Belton Rocks United States Flag
Let Freedom Ring

The rocks reflect the opinions of the individual artists. Many rocks have quotes, motivational words, and Bible verses. People are displaying our Belton Spirit and Texas Pride. These rocks are mini-masterpieces with some amazing art work on them.

Tirzah Belton Rocks Faith Hope Love

Tirzah Belton Rocks UMHB National Champs

Tirzah Belton Rocks Texas Pride

Tirzah Belton Rocks Eagle Amazing Art Work

Instructions are written on the back of the art work so that people know what to do when the rocks are found such as “Post your find at Belton Rocks on Facebook, Rehide Me, or #BeltonRocks” depending on the size of the rock.

Tirzah Belton Rocks Back Instructions Facebook

Pictures are posted on the Facebook Group @BeltonRocks with clues of where to find the painted rocks or of smiling faces with their newly found treasures. The painter enjoys the posts because they like to see what has happened to their creation.

Tirzah Belton Rocks Diana XO

Both the young and the young at heart are enjoying Belton Rocks. Local nursing home residents are enjoying the love of rock painting to sprinkle bits of happy to brighten up the world because it brings joy to the heart when you hear a child in the park exclaim, “I found one!”

Tirzah Belton Rocks Super Heros

Quilt rocks may also be found where you divide the rock into sections. You paint one section, and each time its found, they paint their own design in another section and then re-hide.

Tirzah Belton Rocks Quilt Rock1

Tirzah Belton Rocks Quilt Rock Clue

Tirzah Belton Rocks Quilt Rock Next Section

Mod Podging with napkins onto rocks has become really popular. First, cut out a design from the napkin that would fit best on the rock.  Use a brush to paint a thin coat of Mod Podge on the rock and press the napkin design carefully onto the rock and smooth out the wrinkles, and then add another coat of Mod Podge to the rock.

Tirzah Belton Rocks Mod Podge with Napkin onto Rock

Tirzah Belton Rocks Mod Podge with Napkin onto Rock2

We even have some traveling rocks. After the rocks are painted, some are taking the rocks on trips and leaving the unexpected surprise along the traveler’s route. Belton Rocks is starting a map to see how far our rocks have gone and relay some of the stories of their journeys. Rocks have traveled from sea to shining sea, from California to Florida.  They have even traveled as far as Cancun, Mexico.

Tirzah Belton Rocks Traveling Rocks Destin Florida
Destin, Florida
Tirzah Belton Rocks Traveling Rocks Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam

Often times, those going on rock hunting expeditions will bring a trash bag and collect garbage along the way to keep our city and parks beautiful.

Tirzah Belton Rocks Yettie Polk Park Brown M and M

Tirzah Belton Rocks Yettie Polk Park

Tirzah Belton Rocks Yettie Polk Park2

Tirzah Belton Rocks Post A Clue

Tirzah Belton Rocks Church Cross Rock

Searching for just the perfect stone is part of the fun. Smooth, rounded stones work the best. Once you have found your canvas, rinse the rock to remove dirt and let it dry. You may want to draw your design onto the rock. Acrylic paint works well. For fine detail, a toothpick could be used as a paintbrush. Once you have finished painting the rock, seal the design with Mod Podge to make sure your art lasts for a long time. For more information on rock painting, That Art Place in Belton is hosting a free painted rock workshop on June 3rd from 10am – 3pm.

Tirzah Belton Rocks That Art Place Workshop

Belton is participating in an even bigger effort called International Drop A Rock Day to be held on Monday, July 3rd for rock artists all around the world to paint a rock with the same word on the same day and drop it somewhere for someone to find and brighten their day. The chosen word for this year is Peace!

Tirzah Belton Rocks Drop A Rock Peace

This new Belton pastime brings so many benefits:
? Explore the city
? See the history of downtown
? Enjoy nature and the outdoors
? Spend quality time together
? Families having fun
? Time for adventure
? Scavenger hunt
? Solving mysteries from the posted clues
? Time of bonding while searching for hidden treasures
? Builds a sense of togetherness
? Community unity
? Spreading happiness
? Brings a smile to those who find the painted rocks
? Beautiful pay-it-forward project
? Pride, fun, and wonder
? And the canvas is free.

Belton is changing the world one rock at a time through random inspirational rocks dropped along the way for unsuspecting recipients to find.

Tirzah Belton Rocks Dream Big

Just as Mother Teresa said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples,” I encourage you to cast a stone and create many ripples of joy! ?


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